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Traveling The World Through 7 International Romantic Comedies On Netflix

It's still the love month so we thought we would give you guys some recommendations on romantic comedies to watch on Netflix. Since we can't really travel right now, we're taking it a step further by coming up with a a list of international romantic comedies. Yes, there is actually a treasure trove of them on Netflix and we find that it is so refreshing to watch movies that were made outside of Hollywood! Don't get us wrong - we still love our Hollywood movies and shows but sometimes it's so nice to go beyond what's mainstream and what's right in front of our faces all the time. Traveling to other countries gives you fresh perspective and we feel that watching movies from these foreign countries can also do the same. It is so nice to see the different points of view from all corners of the world. It's also so much fun to see different outlooks in life, different auras and mannerisms of other people and also so exciting to hear different languages! But we promise you that all of these movies have English subtitles! So let's go and travel to these 7 countries!

1. Let's travel to...Thailand

This story is about two longtime besties who go through life being at each other's side through thick and thin, through big and small problems and through bad ex boyfriends and girlfriends. All the way mutually hiding hidden feelings for each other. It may sound like your typical best-friends-falling-in-love type of story but what makes it even more interesting are the fun characters and the settings. The movie is set in Thailand but they travel all over southeast Asia as the guy is a flight steward and the girl produces music for Asian artists. Get ready to travel through Malaysia, Hong Kong and Phuket in this movie!

2. Let's Travel to...Brazil

Rich and spoiled, tomato heir Teto was used to goofing off and not taking life seriously until one day he meets a doctor. She mistakes him as someone who works at his father's tomato farm and conglomerate and thought him to be poor. He lets the pretense carry on further as he was afraid to reveal his true status in life. What follows is a hilarious game of pretend as Teto's story spins more and more out of control.

3. Let's Travel to...China

This is a story between two college students who are both excellent gamers and excellent students as well. Unknowingly, they meet while playing characters in a game and even get married - virtually. The movie is set half in real life and half inside the game and this was such a fun insight into the whole gaming world. Of course the love story was pretty cute too!

4. Let's travel to...India

London born and raised Jasmeet was firmly an English girl by heart but an Indian girl by blood. Her father didn't like that she was so far removed from her Indian roots so he conspired to make her travel back to his hometown in India. While on their first trip there she found herself engaged to a local Punjabi boy by her father's command. She tries to outwit her father in this arrangement but what she did not count on was possibly maybe falling in love after all with the man she was arranged to marry.

5. Let's travel to...Nigeria

Did you know Nollywood, the name of the Nigerian film industry is the second biggest in the world after Bollywood? In terms of film outputs per year, they produce the second most films in the world, nestled in between Bollywood and Hollywood. There are so many films on Netflix! Anyway this is about a wedding party that's about to take place and all the trials and tribulations that happen leading up to the wedding. But in a hilarious setting complete with crazy meddling in-laws, fun groomsmen and bridesmaids, clashes of culture (between the Igbo and Yoruba tribes) and explosions of color all around. It's a great movie to start for your introduction to Nollywood, it's fun and light with a great insight and perspective into their life and culture.

6. Let's travel to... Germany

A cute story about a billionaire's daughter who meets an aspiring boxer. She needed to get her parents off her back so she makes a deal with the boxer to pretend to be her boyfriend in exchange with sponsoring his first boxing match. The supporting characters are hilarious as well including a just-released-from-prison grandpa who raps and their fun supportive bestfriends. One takeaway we got from this movie was the soundtrack! There were so many good songs that we discovered from this movie! But of course, at the end it was the chemistry between the two main characters that made this movie a winner!

7. Let's travel to...Korea

A top spy agent gets dumped by her nerdy boyfriend since she was too busy living a double life chasing after criminals and saving Korea, while posing as a travel agent to him. Years later, she meets him again by chance and both somehow keep running into each other while she was on her spy missions. This movie is action and comedy packed, which is one of the best combinations!


Let's travel to India again


A cute film made in collaboration with Disney. This is about a free spirited and bubbly doctor who was assigned to an injured King. Tasked to live in a palace and help him walk again, all was not as expected as the family's traditional and uptight ways clashed with her fun and loud personality. What she didn't count on was also meeting and possibly falling in love with the King's very handsome but no nonsense son. This was such a cute and light movie set in some of the most beautiful interiors I've seen of India. Such a nice visual treat!

Hope you guys like any or all of these international romantic comedies found on Netflix. There are so many more out there that we've seen and still so many that we want to check out. But to kickstart your travel adventures at home, these 7 (we mean 8!) movies should be a good start. Next project shall be international TV shows! Stay tuned! Let us know if you watch any of these movies, tag us on Instagram @the7ph.

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