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7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (that aren't flowers or chocolates!)

So many things have been canceled the past year but holidays like Valentine's Day are still marked on our calendars. We still think it's worth celebrating during the pandemic because we need more reasons to spread love. And what better way than by giving thoughtful gifts! We love how a lot of our homegrown local brands have come up with gorgeous boxed sets for the occasion. We list down, you guessed it, 7, of our favorites below!

  1. Chef Jade's Ube Cheese Pandesal

For this year's Valentines' , Chef Jade has teamed with Chong Hua Hospital Heart Institute with proceeds of her sales going to funds to help charity patients. Order her famous Ube Cheese Pandesals in these Valentine themed boxes, along with her other best-selling Ube Ensaymada and her new assorted Pandesal sets in 5 other mouth-watering flavors! What better way to show love than by helping fix (literal) broken hearts! Click here for the order form!

2. The Good Cup Coffee Florals and Chocolates Coffee Set

If coffee (making for, giving, or receiving from) is your favorite love language like ours, then these floral and chocolate flavored coffee beans would make the perfect gift. This box set contains beans with flavor profiles of chocolates from Brazill for espresso and florals from Ethiophia for filter coffee. Three 200gm whole beans (Brazil Cerrado, Brazil Minasul, and Ethiopia Killenso Washed) in this packaged set is for 1000 pesos and can be ordered on The Good Cup Coffee's site.