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7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's Mother's Day this Sunday and if you haven't prepared a gift yet for your personal superheroes, don't fret! We've got 7 local recommendations that you can just find on Instagram!

1.) Makalipie Flower Pies (IG @makalipie)

Give your mom a box of these pretty mini pies topped with edible flowers! A box of 5 is only 450 pesos and you can choose from any of their delicious flavors - Smores, Oreo, Butterscotch, Match, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Lemon. I personally ordered these for my moms and ordered a box for myself as well ;) DM their IG

2.) Kailani Greens Cebu Microgeens Starter Kit (IG @kailanigreenscebu)

The edible flowers from Makalipie Flower Pies are from this mompreneur who is also selling delicious microgreens - which makes feeding your toddler veggies so easy and fun! Gift your mom or mom friend with this starter kit so they can start growing nature's living vitamins from their own homes. Order from their website or from their Shopee

3.) Tati's Cookies "Mom" Decorating Kit (IG @tatiscookiescebu)

From our favorite cookie baker comes this perfect gift for moms with young kids! The little ones can help mom decorate the cookies (or can give their mom a much-needed break while the kids are busy doing this activity ;) ). Share this sweet and thoughtful gift or order sweets to enjoy this weekend from

4.) Thingamabobs Gift Box (IG @thingamabobs.collective)

Gift mom with this pampering box set, because we all know she deserves it! They have 8 carefully curated box sets for you to choose from. Our personal favorite is the "Mommy Dearest" set which includes our favorite Barefoot and Bubbly artisan soap in "My Heart is All Yours," Frank & Jojo candle and shampoo bar, and Dried Flowers from DriedFlowersPH. Pick your pamper set at

5.) Mamamade Cebu Mother's Day Baskets (IG @mamamadecebu)

This has got to be our personal favorite gift for busy moms (aren't they all? haha). All-natural fresh home-cooked meals that you can store in your freezer and just thaw and cook via stove-top or microwave in 10-12 minutes! It's basically giving mom the gift of time! Without preservatives and without sacrificing taste at that. This basket arrangement comes with 2 family packs of any of your chosen comfort food and their all-time family best Mango Ref Cake. Slots are running out fast though so order now at You can also order their solo or family packs every day for same-day delivery there too!

6.) Marget's Deli Gift Baskets (IG @margetsdeli)

Enjoy an Italian dinner in the comfort of your home with this gift basket with all the ingredients you need to make your own pizza at home. Perfect for the moms in your life who love to cook! You can choose from their many selections of wines and cheese to gift (or to get for yourself ;)) as well! Order form

7.) By Jojo Martinez Scrunchies (IG @byjojomartinez)

These gift boxes are the prettiest little things and make the perfect gift for your mom friends (or yourself, why not!). These scrunchies come in the loveliest prints and colors like blue and grey. DM to order!

Bonus: 10 Dove Street Mother's Day Cakes (IG @tendovestreet)

For dessert for your Mother's Day celebrations, you can choose from any of 10 Dove Street's special cakes for the occasion!

How are you celebrating the moms in your life this Mother's Day? Tag us at @the7ph and #the7phcelebratesmoms to share the love!

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