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7 #NewNormal Fashion Favorites

Our site's productivity has been like most of us this quarantine, bursts of energy and then laying low and just trying to focus on getting through the day most of the time. But what has always added joy to our days is adding a little bit of fashion to it. It's amazing how these local business have adapted to the #NewNormal and have come out with stylish ways to keep safe and protected when we have to go out. Here are 7 of our favorites:

1.) Jojo Martinez Daily Protective Overlayer and Overcoat

These come in 3 styles - 2 are bunny suits, with one having pockets like the first photo and the other is this very chic overcoat. Comes in the prettiest colors too! Order from Jojo Martinez Shop FB

2.) Anthill Earsavers

These are the most stylish way to save your ears from mask loops. And still cute even if you’re not wearing a mask! You can order from their website and match it with their beautiful array of woven masks too!