Eats New : COOEE, A Cafe Featuring Both Good Comfort and Healthy Meals

We love finding new places to eat that have really good food and also great ambiance and fast internet too! There are times when we're in work nomad mode and we try to find all the best spots around town to work in as well as enjoy some eats. We recently discovered COOEE and had our latest working session there and we couldn't love this place any more! It features an extensive menu that has something for everyone. If you like yummy hearty meals, they've got all the bacon and sausages and waffles. If you're into wholesome eating then they got healthier options like yogurt bowls, smoothie bowls and even detox juice shots. If you're a coffee addict then they have a lot of options too. Read on for 7 important details about this place.

1. What's it called?


2. Where is it?

COOEE is located at Raintree Mall, Ramos Street Cebu City.

3. What is it?

To quote their Instagram account : " Your favorite bake, brew, blend and juice ritual". It's a cozy cafe that has coffee and food and a lot of healthy fare options like detox juice shots, poke bowls and fresh fruit.

4. What does the place look like?

Its pretty and has a sort of tropical but industrial vibe to it with lots of green plants and all the staff wearing Hawaiian style shirts.

5. What do you suggest I order?

Try their smoothie bowls, breakfast plates and also poke and rice bowls. We tried the Acai Berry smoothie bowl and it was delish! We also got the COOEE breakfast which has waffles, bacon, eggs, sausage and beans! Pretty great dish as it already features a lot of the items in their menu! For those who want to stay healthy, they have yogurt bowls and detox juice shots! If you are avocado crazy, then you're in luck as they have a few avocado items in menu : avocado toast , avocado poke bowls and and avocado shake! If you're just a regular coffee drinker then they numerous options too from iced to hot.

6. Is it convenient to go there?

It is pretty convenient as it is located in a mall and there is a lot parking space! It's also very central and it's near some of the major hospitals and medical schools. So if you're in the area for a check-up or something then you should drop by!

7. What are their social media handles so I can learn more about them? Who to tag when I post pics?

Check them out on Instagram : @cooeeph

***Update! Tati's Cookies Cebu is now available by the piece at Cooee! Tati's cookies is our go to in town for our cookie cravings! Check it out!

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