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Coffee-on-the-go with Bo's

A good start to a good day is a good cup of coffee. Sadly, not all of us have the luxury of time in the morning to brew our own cup at home. And even when you’re on the go, the long lines and parking can be a hassle at your favorite coffee shop.

Enter Bo’s Cofee’s First Advance Ordering BOTTY System in the Philippines! Coinciding with the brand’s 25-year mark, they “want to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of our customers.” Steve Benitez, CEO of the company behind Bo’s coffee adds that “We want to make your daily coffee runs simpler, faster, and more accessible, so you have more time for more important things in life - your passions, your advocacies, and your relationships.”

Easy as opening your Facebook app, you just search for “Bo’s Coffee Advance Ordering BOTTY” on Facebook messenger and easily answer the questions to order.

Bo’s Coffee Advance Ordering BOTTY system also has a secure and cashless digital payment system in partnership with PayMaya. “While the system has Cash Payment options, the cashless payment options through PayMaya, credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard), allows our customers to really skip the line. In a developing world like ours, we have to do all we can to optimize our efforts and save time.” said Bo’s Coffee COO, Rachel Fallarme. Other payment options will be also made available soon.

With the cashless option, customers can now park curbside in strategic stand alone branches, pick up their coffee, and easily continue on with their day! To start having a good day despite the early morning rush, experience Bo’s Coffee Advance Ordering BOTTY system at

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