Korea Beauty Haul : All Our Makeup Picks

We recently went on an all girls trip to Seoul, South Korea. As some of you may or may not know, Korea is the ultimate place to buy some of the best beauty products! We stayed at Myeongdong and right behind our hotel was the cosmetics street. Imagine rows upon rows of cosmetics shops right there at our disposal (insert heart eyed emojis). If you've read a few posts not so long ago, you'll know that we are absolutely obsessed with Korean Beauty. So to be at the heart of it was a dream!

Almost all of the major Korean brands that we know of (and more!) were there and some brands even had multiple stores within blocks of each other! Some of the brands we saw and visited were Innisfree, Banila Co, Clio, Holika Holika, Mamonde, Missha, Skinfood and Tony Moly. These are not even half of what we saw and we wish we could have gone to every single store! Sharing with you guys our finds, hopefully this will inspire and serve as a guide to you in case you plan on going someday.

I'm sharing with you now all our makeup picks whilst Maan shall be doing a separate post on skincare.


I'm really wishing I spent more time in Mamonde! The store has a really pretty and super calm presence, I felt like it was such a nice respite from the hustle, bustle and the crowd in Myeongdong! Maan and I got highlighter sticks for our sisters and I got an eyeshadow color balm that comes in a stick form. These highlight sticks are so pretty and subtle on. Its perfect for applying down the line of the nose - really makes your nose look longer without it being too shiny and glittery!

Mamonde Creamy Multi Color Balm in Number 9 and 6 ; Mamonde Creamy Eye Color Balm in number 9


This is one shop where we definitely went to more than once! I was so happy to have found these two beautiful eyeshadow single shades - I noticed peachy pink eyes were a look most Korean girls were wearing! The lipstick is a beautiful color and the cheek tint also adds the perfect subtle peachy glow to the cheeks!

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick; Innisfree Petal Blusher in number 3; Innisfree Single Eyeshadow in number 34 and 14

Holika Holika and Missha

I realized that I had not bought any nail polish the entire trip and I was glad I made the last minute decision to grab these pretty ones from Missha! I also heard that their 4D Mascara was good so I grabbed it to try as well. I was also looking for liquid cheek tint so I decided to try this one by holika holika. (tip for when you visit Korea : look for a "Baviphat" cosmetics store, they carry a lot of heavily discounted makeup brands, that's where I got the cheek tint from!)

Missha 4D Mascara; Holika Holika Holipop Water Tint; Missha Nailpolish


I bought the Peripera Eyeshadow because I was looking for a pink and kind of reddish tone. Thought this may look brown, upon application it came out the perfect kind of rusty shade that I was looking for! The skinny eyebrow pencil is also amazing. I've been using it mostly all month now!

peripera Ink Fitting eyshadow in number 19; peripera Speedy Skinny Brow in #3 Natural Brown

Holika Holika

This product was in my list of must haves! I love that the brush applicator is not one straight line, this shape makes for a really good and easy application on the lashes. It's perfect for those corners that's so hard to reach!

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 2x


Another store where we spent a lot of time in and where we kept going back! We really loved the concealers and I was so happy to found their matte lipstick! The formula is great and this color is a gorgeous dark peach!

Clio 3.5mm Slim-Tech Curling Cara in #01 Black; Clio Mad Matte Lipstick in #09 Mellow Rose; Clio Kill Over Airy-Fir Concealer in #4-BO; Clio Kill Cover Liquid Concealer in #5-BY

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