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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is in two days and you still don't have a costume! Not to worry, neither do we! We're all busy women trying to squeeze in as much as we can in a day and we don't really have that much time to do elaborate and fancy one-of-a-kind costumes. But it's okay because there are so many ways to improvise without having to hire a stylist or go out to the mall to buy any crazy expensive stuff. All it takes is a little imagination and attitude to to own your costume! Here are 7 last minute Halloween costume ideas for any lazy girl.

1. Lazy Cat /Rodents

All you have to do is literally wear all black, wear dramatic smoky eyes and draw some whiskers on your cheeks with eyeliner and a cute little circle at the tip of your nose. If you haven't got a cat's ears headband (which by the way you can just find cheap at groceries or places like Marcella's, SM department store or Broadway Gems) you can just cut out pointy ears, color it black and stick it atop any existing headband you have at home. Voila!

Being a lazy rodent of some sort on Halloween 2016.

2. Morticia Adams

No props needed for this costume! All you need is another all black ensemble, lots and lots of white face powder all over your face and blow dry or flat iron your hair , part it in half and wear it super straight down!

3. Zombie Bride

If you have a flowy long white dress, black ankle boots and some white face powder - you're good to go! Just mess up you hair and draw bags and smudges under under your eyes and some cracks around your face with whatever makeup you have. Just try to look as "dead" as you can!

4. Vampire Party Girl

Wear whatever you wear when you go out clubbing! Then get dark red lipstick and smear some "blood" down the corners of your mouth. You can buy fangs in toy stores or make your own - our idea is to use chewing gum and shape it to make your teeth look sharper!

5. Fruit

Some friends of mine did this a few Halloweens ago and it looked really cute! Wear whatever colorful clothes you have : purple, pink, yellow or orange. Then draw a big leaf cut-out and place it on top of your head! If you want to be a strawberry or pineapple cut out black dots or triangles to stick all over. Simple and really cute!

6. Genie

Put on some harem pants, a long sleeved fitting top and pointy shoes. If you don't have a fancy looking jeweled headdress - improvise and put on a statement necklace on your head. Wear cuffs on each hand and if you can't find an antique looking brass lamp - make it funny and bring a literal desk lamp! No need to take yourself too seriously!