Eats New : Why You Should Eat At This Yummy New Korean Restaurant

We always love eating Korean Food and we're so glad to know that Kimstaurant, which first started out in Bacolod just opened here in Cebu City! Back in Bacolod, there were not that many Korean restaurants when they first opened and Kimstaurant quickly grew to become one of the go-to places. General Manager Peter Kim is confident that it would do just as well in Cebu. Based on all the mouthwatering Korean dishes that are made with fresh ingredients coming all the way from Korea, it's hard not to see why!

Typical Korean starters

Following the format of our Eats New series, check out 7 things you need to know about this latest Korean resto.

1. What's it called?


Beef Galbi Jijm

2. Where is it?

Kimstaurant is located at The Greenery, Pope John Paul II Ave., Cebu City.

3. What is it?

The latest Korean Restaurant to open in town.


4. What does the place look like

Big, modern and very clean and new looking!

5. What do you suggest I order?

Order the Korean Fried Chicken : soy sauce chicken Bonchon style and fried to perfection. Each order is a generous amount and we love that it is boneless. The Beef Galbi Jijm which is a braised beef short rib dish. The flavor is delicious and the meat is so tender. Another favorite is the Japchae - glass noodles with stir fried vegetables and meat. Try out their Dolsot Bibimbap which features a sizzling stone pot rice mixed vegetables, beef, Korean chili paste and egg. If you are feeling adventurous try their Korean version of Carpaccio which features raw beef and egg!

Chicken Bonchon style

Raw beef with egg

Dolsot Bibimbap

6. Is it convenient to go there?

Very convenient! It has ample parking and The Greenery is very central

7. What are their social media handles so I can learn more about them? Who to tag when I post pics?

Check them out in the following channels :

Facebook :

Instagram : @Kimstaurant


Kimstaurant is open from 11am to 11 pm. You can make reservations by calling : +63 945 988 5541

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