7 Coffee Shops in Georgetown

We loved how the coffee shops in Penang are quaint and narrow but long and bursting with character. Here are 7 cafes that stood out to us!


153-155 Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown

The longest cafe in Penang was our first stop in Georgetown, where we were greeted by the most wonderful assortment of cakes and pastries to choose from. We ordered their must-try, the Macadamia Oatmeal Tart, which was one of the best desserts we have ever tasted. Come hungry as aside from the 50 cakes they have on display daily, they have a wide menu from breakfast to lunch to dinner and cocktails.

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

163D-6-29, Gurney Paragon

This was a welcome place to relax and get another cup of joe inside one of the big malls in Penang, the Gurney Paragon. Great coffee - the lattes were smooth and delicious - and free flowing potable water, a tourist's haven!

Two Frenchies Cafe Bistro

36 Lebuh Bishop, Georgetown

We stumbled into this charming little French bistro while we were looking for Constant Gardener Coffee shop. There was a sign outside with 2 adorable frenchies and a sign that said “Free Wifi” so we were naturally drawn inside. Tired and hungry, we enjoyed Croque-Madames, classic Quiche, fries and salad and conversation with the gracious hostess Diana.

Constant Gardener Coffee

9 Lebuh Light, Chinese Chambers of Commerce Building

We finally arrived in Constant Gardener and we’re welcomed by the wonderful aroma of coffee beans. They boast of serving quality roasted coffee from Malaysia and overseas. We enjoyed their Vanilla Latte and their Belgian Dark Chocolate along with a slice of their Praline Chocolate cake which was just delicious. For serious coffee fans, they have an Espresso Tasting Menu that comes with a cup of Americano, a cup of Espresso and a cup of White coffee (with milk) using their featured beans of the day.

Bean Sprout Cafe

35 Jalan Masjid Capitan Keling

We wished we could bring home this quaint cafe with us with their tasty (and healthy!) brunch selections and unique lattes. We tried the Rose, Lavender, and Hazelnut lattes and they tasted as wonderful as they looked. The shabby chic interiors, as well as the old heritage facade, were the perfect background to Instagram shots. The cafe also had a nice upstairs balcony where you could watch the hustle and bustle of the street below.

Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co.

1 Macallum Street, Georgetown

We’re so happy to have brought home beans that were roasted right in this cafe. This was a little ways out from where we were staying but it was worth the trip as we were greeted by this very spacious delicious-smelling haven of coffee. The food was good as well - we enjoyed the spaghetti and their selection of sandwiches.

Mugshot Cafe

302 Chulia St, Georgetown

Smack in the middle of bustling Chulia St. is one of the pioneer cafes of Penang, Mugshot Cafe, called so because of their creative Instagram worthy mugshot wall. We had their best selling bagels for breakfast and they did not disappoint. Typical of the long cafes here in Georgetown, this one is attached to Rainforest Bakery (serving delicious scones and other pastries) and through more seating areas, a small library leading to an upstairs dorm, at the end of the hall is a quaint little eyewear shop. Being the last cafe we visited during our stay, it left a lasting impression and made us want to come back soon to explore more of this wonderful UNESCO world heritage site.

Where you can take your "Mugshot" ;)

Have you been to Georgetown? Any cafes we missed and should definitely go back to check out? Let us know!

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