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4 Days in Penang Malaysia

The 7 ph things to do in Penang Malaysia

Last March, myself and my the7ph co-founder Maan went to Penang, Malaysia for a 4 day sojourn with another good friend of ours, Steph from The EconoMommy. It was a trip full of heritage touring, shopping , coffee tasting and food - really, really good food! Read on about what we got up to in Penang and why you should make it your next stop!

Penang is a really pretty and interesting place. We stayed at Georgetown - one of the most charming and quaint towns that has a lot of heritage sites. It also has a really laid back vibe and everything was so near. Getting around in a Grab was really cheap. It was super hot so that's why we took a Grab everywhere. You can walk around too if you're not afraid of the sun!

Heritage Sites

We stayed right at the heart of Georgetown, which is an UNESCO world heritage sight. I love that they were able to preserve a lot of the old buildings. There are many pretty heritage houses and mansions but we decided to visit just two - the Penang Peranakan Museum and the famous Blue House. Both were picturesque and had many photogenic corners. The Penang Peranakan musuem even had a section where they displayed lots and lots of gold Peranakan style jewelry. It was amazing to see so much GOLD in one place! Our hotel itself was also an old house. You can actually find many old houses converted into commercial establishments. It really added a lot of charm to the whole town!

The 7 ph things to do in Penang Malaysia

The Blue Mansion / Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Ground Floor, 14, Leith Street, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Street Art