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The 7 Mom: "You will miss this"

Hi everyone! This is Maan. I"ve shared some pregnancy favorites, my gender reveal and some photos (by JackKaye Photo) in the blog and I've always wanted to share more. I enjoy reading stories and insights from other moms online and I wanted to share some of mine as well. Here's something I wrote when my little David was 9 months old to kick off more mom & baby content on the blog!

mom blog and mommy mantra

Mom Mantra: "You will miss this"

My 9 month old loves to stand by our round coffee table his hands supporting him and literally pushing everything on it to the floor. The first time he tried to bend down and pick a book up with one hand and successfully stand back up again, all with the support of one hand, I felt a bittersweet rush of happy sad because I can’t believe how big he’s grown.

I felt like I was pregnant forever, carrying him for 9 months but the past 9 months since has been a blur of sleepless nights, smiles, rolling over, lowering our co-sleeper, growing out of his bassinet and car seat, screaming happy noises, mashed squash and carrots on our dining room floor, crawling, breastfeeding hourly at night to sleeping through the night. And before I know it, he’s saying “MAMA” (his first word, yes!) I still haven’t fully processed how I am so blessed to be the mom of this wonderful ball of sunshine.

But it’s not all sunshine these past few months. I remember crying in the middle of the night cause it would take hours for him to feed with only a few minutes interval in between. And being exhausted because he would refuse to be carried by anyone else but me and honestly thinking if you weren’t so damn cute I would throw you away because I haven’t slept in weeks. And just when we have a nighttime routine in place, you start teething or have a fever and all sleep training goes out the window.

Yes, momma, you are not alone. But we will get through this. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think of that wonderful Mom mantra, reminding myself that “YOU WILL MISS THIS”

You will miss being the only person to soothe him.

You will miss being his only source of food.

You will miss the little wrinkly crying red baby in your phone 7,000 photos ago.

And for moms of older babies, I’m sure you miss more.

So I am thankful for every smile and cry and clingy-ness and cancelled plans and dirty couches and messy playpen and drool on my favourite shirt . Because I will miss this.

mom blog and mommy mantra

He's 13 months old now, walking and talking like a little toddler and in those 4 months since, I've been missing a whole lot more!


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