7 Tips for Hosting Your Own Potluck Brunch At Home

Who doesn’t love to brunch? We already came out with a list of some really good places to brunch in the city and while we love eating out, there’s also nothing like having it at the comfort of your own home. Hosting a brunch at home is super fun but it could also get stressful. We’ve listed down 7 tips so you can ensure that brunch at your own casa will be fun and enjoyable as well as a lovely and gorgeous affair with minimal stress. We are also sharing photos from a brunch that we hosted recently with our friends, check it out for some ideas!

1. Make it a potluck.

As the title suggests – make it a potluck affair. Potluck dinners are a constant affair with our friends and this time we thought, why not do it for brunch. Potlucks are great because it means a whole lot of a variety of dishes to try! This will also save you (the host) some time from thinking up of what to make and how many dishes to prepare. It will then give you more time to concentrate on your table setting and everything else!

2. Ask ahead what everybody will be bringing at least two to three days before

There’s nothing like a well curated affair. One mistake we did before in one of our dinner potlucks was to not ask ahead what everyone was bringing and we ended up having four different kinds of desserts. You wouldn’t want to end up with four different kinds of bacon would you? (Although that actually wouldn’t be such a bad idea!!) Inform everyone ahead what you are planning to make and then ask everyone. If they can’t think of anything, then it’s your duty to assign. You can assign them generally like one person can bring the sweets, another person can bring a main course and one can be in charge of carbs and so on.

3. Keep it simple but pretty

It doesn’t have to be a super fancy affair. At the same time, it doesn’t also have to look too shabby and sloppy. There are so many ways to dress up your table on a minimal budget. Check out all the existing plates, napkins and glasses in your inventory and try to come up with a pretty setting all with what you have and without spending too much!

4. Serve at least one fail proof dish that everybody will love

Even if you’re not cooking all the food for the event, you’re still the host so you should have one or two main things going on. It’s your responsibility to make sure all your guests never go hungry just in case there’s a miscommunication with the food assignments. For brunch, cook a big platter of bacon or make a delicious egg tortilla.

5. Take care of all the Breakfast fixings

You’re also responsible for all the breakfast fixings one might take at brunch like butter, jams and spreads and honey and sugar and etc. All these little things that are easy to forget – but all very important in a breakfast set-up! So make sure you prepare all those too!

6. Have an “attraction”

This can be one of the dishes that you’ll serve (like the tower of bacon in our brunch) or setting up something fun and cute like a mimosa tray. We personally love the idea of a Mimosa tray – all you need is some orange juice, sparkling wine and an assortment of frozen berries. This will ensure a perfect boozy brunch!

7. Use décor you can find around the house or garden

For this particular brunch we used some Oregano leaves plucked from the garden and old jam bottles as the vases. Pretty cool right? We spent zero pesos on centerpieces and décor. We thought it looked rather cute with everything else. We also just found some glass bowls at home and placed an assortment of fruits – that doubled as décor and food that guests can easily get

There you have it. 7 tips for making brunch at home a pretty, yummy and stress-free affair. Hope you guys have a great time at your own brunch at homeevent too!

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