Eats New: Bicester Cafe

With traffic nowadays, in studying out or working or meeting up with friends, brunch becomes lunch becomes afternoon coffee and before you know it, you're hungry for your next meal. Good thing, we have cafes that cater to all that, like this newly opened one we tried a couple of weeks ago.

We're trying out a new format for our Eats New, answering 7 important questions when we think about trying out a new resto. Here we go!

1. What's it called?

Bicester Cafe (pronounced Bee-ster)

2. Where is it?

Mahogany Arcade, Pope John Paul II Ave, Mabolo (same road as Greenery, the Gallery, nearer to the side where the Lander's gas station is)

3. What is it?

A Cafe with coffee and brunch items as well as desserts and a few snacks

4. What does the place look like

5. What do you suggest I order?

The Matcha Coffee, Chicken and Waffles, and Eggs Benedict

6. Is it convenient to go there?

Yes, there's ample parking in the complex, which is free for the first 2 hours. They also have a very pretty and clean bathroom inside the cafe itself.

7. What are their social media handles so I can learn more about them? Who to tag when I post pics? You can check out their Instagram:

And bonus question, worth a second visit? Definitely!

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