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Your Weekend Food Market

must try open air food market in cebu city

Every time we visit Sugbo Mercado, we always have a hard time deciding what to get/eat first! So we were so excited to have the chance to tour and visit all 58 food stalls at IT Park with Marketing and Communications Director Karlo Lim as our expert food guide.

Here are 7 of our favorites :

1. Nikumaki

We started by getting one of the market's originals and favorite, Nikumaki - a pro tip that Karlo shared so you don't get hangry (hungry + angry) when you browse through the stalls. The rolls are easy to eat while walking. Small but packed with flavor, it's the best appetizer to Sugbo Mercado's food smorgasbord. They have about 10 flavors - the sour cream is a must-try!

must try open air food market in cebu city

2. Tipsy Pops

One of our long-time Sugbo favorites is Tipsy Pops! Alcohol + Ice Pops is a match made in heaven and the perfect way to cool down when the open-air mercado gets a little hot and humid. Check out our feature on them to know more about these tasty treats that are hard to lick moderately!