7 Things that Helped Make My Pregnancy Easier

Hello! We haven't been producing much content lately as I've been busy with my latest production, my baby boy David! Here's the little looker that has been keeping me busy these days:

I realized I wasn't able to finish and post this article which I started writing when I was still pregnant! Here's how I started it:

Hi there! I'm in the last few days of my pregnancy and I can't believe I've been growing a human inside me for the past 9 months! Although pregnancy is different for every woman, it does have it discomfort and pains. Here are 7 things that helped me get along:

Here I finally got this done and can definitely tell you that these really helped me through delivery and now post-partum. If you're expecting or someone close to you is, hope these help out too!

1. Il Coco Tree Calming Oil

This was a lifesaver in my first trimester as I was unlucky enough to have morning sickness that lasts through the day. I have to thank my good friend Meyan Young of Echo Store Cebu for giving me this little handy tube that really helped abate my bouts of nausea.

*Available at EchoStore Cebu (Streetscape and Ayala Center Cebu)

2. Babyfit by Amy Prenatal Workouts

I'm proud to say I really kept active throughout my pregnancy (after getting the go signal from my OB-GYN of course!) and these workouts were my favorite. Each video lasts only 20-30 minutes and it's really comforting that the instructor, Amy, is also pregnant in the videos so you know you're not doing anything that may harm your baby. Being pregnant makes you sleepy and tired all the time but since I started regularly doing these exercises, I found I had more energy and felt better going through my daily routine.

*BabyFit by Amy Prenatal Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khlJsJKuGKc&list=PLMHMyl3oeyh00NqGBY-Y4WxPRInh9s5ul

3. Snug-a-hug Pillow

It's so difficult to find a comfortable position when your belly is accommodating an almost full grown baby in the 3rd trimester. I have these pillows to thank for magically cushioning and supporting my neck, back and belly and giving me a good night's sleep (that is before I have to get up and pee AGAIN). It's so comfy, my husband steals it everytime I leave the bed! Since I was also too huge and my husband was afraid he would squish the baby if he hugged me to sleep, this pillow was a very suitable substitute.

*Available at BaoBao Babies, Oakridge

4. Regular and Prenatal Yoga

After getting the go signal from my OB-GYN when I was about 10-12 weeks along, I continued my yoga practice, but, of course, with modifications. Aside from my home practice, I attended the usual classes I regularly joined (Vinyasa and Power Yoga) at Yogahub and the teachers were very accommodating in giving me modifications throughout the flow. If you're new to yoga, it's better you join a Prenatal Yoga class starting in your 2nd trimester. I started joining the Prenatal Yoga classes in Asana Yoga Movement under Anne Manubag in my 3rd trimester and I really enjoyed the variety and just-right intensity of the classes. These really helped keep me strong I must say because less than 24 hours after my Caesarean Section, I was already walking and up and about!

*YogaHub Cebu at Raintree Mall and BTC

*Asana Yoga Movement at Citigym, Waterfront Hotel

5. BioOil and Palmers Lotions

Although it was a meticulous routine, I'm glad I stuck with it because I only have very faint and small stretchmarks post-partum that are now fading as I still continue my routine. Within 3 minutes of showering (to lock in moisture!) I apply BioOil to my belly, sideboob, lowerback, butt and thighs, then followed by the recommended Palmer lotion for the month of pregnancy you're in and then the Palmer's Tummy Butter for Stretchmarks all over my belly.

*Palmer's Lotions available at Rustan's Department Store

*BioOil available at Rustan's Grocery and Watson's

6. Coobie Nursing Bras

I wasn't very well-endowed pre-pregnancy so having them get bigger and heavier was really uncomfortable to me. These bras are comfy enough to sleep in and supportive enough to wear during yoga or working out! One size also really does fit all so I didn't have to worry about getting too big for them! I got the nursing bras so I'm still wearing them and will be while I'm still breastfeeding now and hoping to continue until at least my baby is 6 months.

*Available at BaoBao Babies, Oakridge and Zalora

7. Supportive husband, family and friends

For all the anxiety and emotions that I felt throughout my pregnancy, and now as a new mom, I'm really thankful that I have a reliable support group. I'm not usually comfortable asking help from others but pregnancy and motherhood has really made me see that not only does it take a village to raise your child, it takes one for you to be a sane and happy mother as well. So if you have a pregnant friend or one who's a new mom, offer her help may it be as seemingly simple as words of encouragement. Any form of help, like sharing this article to her, will really make a big difference and make going through this scary and stressful time more enjoyable and wonderful knowing that she has loved ones that are there for her.

Thank you to my friend Jacklyn Uy of JackKayePhoto for my maternity and my baby's newborn photos! We're doing a feature on her very soon, keep posted!

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