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The 7 Pairs of Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

The 7 Pairs of Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

Since the introduction of Sex and The City to all of us more than ten years ago, never have we seen women covet beautiful shoes even more. It’s also made us want to wear stilettos more and had us imagining running around them even in the most ordinary of circumstances. Like to the grocery. However, we live in a practical world and wearing stilettos every single day and on occasions where you know you are going to walk a lot is just not practical. Keep your shoe wardrobe pretty but also functional as well. We’ve come up with a list of the 7 pairs of shoes that every woman must own. We bet even Carrie Bradshaw would agree with us on this one!

Nude Heels

Yes of course you still need heels in your life! If you can’t decide which style and color to pick, then a nude heel is definitely the way to go. I personally think that nude is the new black so whether you have it in a barely there sandal style or in a classic pump shape- they’re sure to go with every single outfit you own. Trust me. Bonus factor is that they make legs look longer and sexier!

From L-R : Sala Chaussures, Call It Spring, Billini

Ballet Flats

Ballets flats will forever be chic. It’s a classic that’s been worn for the longest time. It’s pretty enough to channel you inner Carrie Bradshaw fantasies, yet it’s also comfortable and practical. It’s also dressy enough to wear on days where you want to dress down but still want to emulate a pretty and elegant look.

From L-R : Sala Chaussures, Posh Pocket Flats, Zalora


To be honest, I am not a huge sneaker fan. But if I want to keep up a healthy lifestyle then I can’t exactly wear heels to the gym. Sneakers are also great for walking long distances, especially when you’re traveling! There are a lot of great looking styles out there that would look perfect paired with cuffed jeans, casual dresses or even just with your gym outfit.

From L-R : Puma, Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas

Flat Sandals

I think this is such a staple that should be in every woman’s closet. We even did a separate post on this because, well first of all, we live in a tropical country and they will never go out of style or season. You can wear them with a pretty dress to go out with friends or with a chic one piece suit to the beach. There are a lot of opportunities to wear this style and the fact that they’re flat makes reliable go to pair.

From L-R : Sala Chaussures, Sala Chaussures, The Sandalion

Classic Shaped High Heeled Pumps

Classic shaped pumps like these will ever go out of style. You can have them in just a plain style and in many different colors or buy ones that have a little tweak to them like bows. The important part is the shape. The perfect arch and heel height is what makes it look so sleek. This classic style is worn by everyone from the working woman to the working royal. High Heeled Pumps just somehow pull an outfit together and make anything and anyone look timeless.

From L-R : Sala Chaussures, Prima Donna, Sala Chaussures

Block Heel Shoes

Block heels shoes are a must if you can’t walk or don’t like stilettos. They have a tendency to make even really high heels feel steadier and are also great to wear for garden weddings or events! Choose from a variety of heels heights. Low block heels have been steadily gaining popularity these days. Wear them with shorts or jeans. High ones can replace your fear of stiletto heels and can be worn for any occasion, be it casual or formal!

From L-R : Sala Chaussures, Sala Chaussures, Sala Chaussures


Another style that can give your height without the pain and discomfort. Wedges are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs. You can last in them the entire night till early dawn (if you’re out partying) and not feel like you’re dying after! Trust me, I have been through this! There are even lower ones available if you don’t like high ones so much.

From L-R : Something Borrowed, Spring Fling, Spring Fling

I know there are a lot of other shoe styles out there but I feel like this list gives one the most well rounded collection! What do you guys think? What are your go to pairs? Comment down below or on our Instagram page!

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