7 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

A holiday for superheroes is coming up this weekend - it's Mother's day this Sunday! There's probably nothing we can do to repay everything that they have done for us but we can surely try to show them how much we love them. Here are 7 ways you can do so!

1.) A thoughtful gift

Our moms deserve something special wrapped in a pretty package. Choose any of these lovely items from our gift guide that e put out for Christmas - if you haven't given her any of these yet! These would be a great selection for Mother's Day too! You can also say it with flowers! Or have a pretty fruit basket made, at Rustan's Supermarket, which you can handpick from their selection of fruits and they will arrange it in a gorgeous basket for you - the branch in Ayala can even incorporate flowers from Kalidades.

2.) Prepare a home-cooked meal

Most of our moms raised us with good hearty meals straight from the kitchen. Return the favor and let her relax for today and enjoy a meal lovingly prepared by you! Try our Roasted Chicken, Meat Free Mushroom Salpicao, Angel Hair Pasta with Asiago Cheese, or prepare a Cheese and Charcuterie Platter for a cozy wine night in with your mom.

3.) Sunday Brunch Date

Treat your mom to a cozy girl's brunch date and catch up and share stories over pancakes and other delicious breakfast goodies at any of these go-to restaurants.

4.) Dinner with the family

Have a special intimate dinner with the family to celebrate the queen of the household! Pick from any of these restaurants we love for special nights like Mother's Day!

5.) Shopping!

It was most likely our moms that introduced us to the wonderful world of shopping. Have a fun girls day out and visit the malls! Or go to specialty stores like ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, if you get this Chaketa for you and your mom, you get 20% off! If there's anything better than shopping it's shopping when there's a sale!

ANTHILL co-founders, Princess Ant Anya Lim and mom, Queen Ant Annie Lim

6.) Beach Outing

Take a road trip with your momma (dad & siblings are also welcome to join) and head on to the beach! Book a day rate at any of Mactan Island's numerous resorts or if you want an adventure (and a less expensive option at that) head on down south and check out the numerous beaches like this one in Badian!

7.) Tell her you love her

In person or through social media! Any mom would tell you that having their children tell them they love them is the best thing ever. No need for it to be mother's day though to do this (or any of our above suggestions for that matter)! Show or tell your mom how special she is as often as you can <3

Happy Mother's Day to our Moms, to all of you Moms and your Moms out there! <3

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