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What’s In Stores : What We Love From Dara Beauty Market + Exciting Giveaway!

For our second installment of our “What’s in Stores “ series, we feature Dara Beauty Market, one of our favorite and go-to place to find Korean beauty products in Cebu. We’ve already featured some of our favorite Asian beauty products in a past post and a lot of them actually came from Dara! Also, this post is even more exciting than usual because we are giving away EVERY SINGLE ITEM we feature here to one lucky reader! Read on the post to find out more. Follow us on Instagram as well to get updates!

Buying korean beauty products in cebu at dara beauty market

Dara is tucked away in a little street right by Salinas drive and it may be hard to miss but once you find it, you won’t regret going to all the trouble. They have products from a lot of the top Korean brands, as well as some names that aren’t even available in regular stores here. Their products are also priced way less than mall stores as they go directly to distributors in Korea. Here are 7 of the products we found and can't get enough of lately!

1. 3W Clinic Natural Make-up Powder

Buying korean beauty products in cebu at dara beauty market

This powder was recommended by our friend, The Beauty Enthusiast, and she has mentioned that it’s very comparable to many expensive brands. We couldn’t agree more on that! They even say even Miss Korea uses this herself! It really is the perfect finishing powder. Use it to dust all over your face to set your makeup and also to take the shine away. It is super affordable too.

2. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Lime and Manuka Honey)