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Cheers to the WEEKEND

Places to eat in Cebu : The Weekend

It was the middle of the week but with the good time, good drinks & great food we were having, it felt like the weekend.

From the geniuses behind Cebu favorite, homegrown restaurant Ilaputi, comes a dining experience that will wash away your weekday woes : WEEKEND. Every day is a weekend here, where they serve up some of the most delicious dishes from all over the world. All with exceptional quality and with even more unbelievable prices.

Places to eat in Cebu : The Weekend

Faux Gras

To start the feast, we had the Faux Gras (chicken liver pate in bacon fat, topped with bacon marmalade), Buffalo Cauliflower (crisp fried cauliflowers, celery sticks, and a Gorgonzola cheese dip), Zucchini Fries (savory friend zucchini with garlic aoli) and a lovely Spring Salad (butter lettuce, shaved asparagus, Grana Padano, shiitake mushrooms with a truffled-honey vinaigrette).

Places to eat in Cebu : The Weekend

The Fat Bastard

Our immediate favorites were the Angus Beef Kebab (skewered with onion, bell peppers with spiced dirty rice, crumbled feta, and marinated cranberries) and the best-selling The Fat Bastard (tender, thick-cut chop, dry-rubbed and grilled). The other dishes served did not disappoint as well. We had the Swined Chicken (fried chicken breast with bacon marmalade, crisp bacon and slaw with a delicious yoghurt siracha sauce), Bourbon Bacon Steak (bourbon maple-glazed double-double cut bacon, grilled tomatoes, fried eggs, dirty rice and quick pickled onions) and Fish&Chips (beer battered fish fillet, slaw and hand cut thick fries with malt mayo). But what stole the show was the Weekend Rib-eye (prime rib-eye with roasted garlic). Aptly named so, as it's perfectly cooked tender cut melted in our mouth and went down easy like a Sunday morning.

We capped the night with glasses of Sandiarita - cool watermelon goodness with pure agave tequila and at that point we defied anyone who told us it wasn't a Friday night. We can't wait until their bar is fully functional, which boasts of 16 taps and will carry the best craft beers from Turning Wheels and Cebu Brewing Co. This is the first 16 tap nitro draft system in Cebu. They will also have a really good selection of Whiskey, Gin and Mezcal.

With our busy work weekdays and the city traffic that comes with it, we thank Jan Rodriguez and his partners Jay Alba, Edward Mellana and Jon Louis Yu for creating an ambient restaurant and taproom as a respite from our Monday-Friday blues. Cheers to the freaking weekend, indeed!

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