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Ask A Friend : All You Need To Know About Getting A Brazilian Wax

All you need to know about getting a Brazilian wax

We know how hard it is to get that very first Brazilian Wax. We thought we would share with you some tips and tricks on getting one for the first time as well as gearing up yourself for it to be a monthly thing - girls gotta maintain right? ;)

Find a Good waxing Salon

Finding a good salon for waxing is like finding your soulmate - for a procedure that involves one of our most private and sensitive parts then a place where you know there are professionals is a must. The one we go to has staff that do not make you feel weird at all and are super professional (Lay Bare at Banilad Town Center or at SM City Cebu and No Strips Waxing Salon at Raintree Mall).

Cold Wax or hot wax?

Hot wax was the norm before but the past few years, we've seen cold wax pop up all over.

Cold wax is all natural and removes the hair in tiny patches, which they do quickly, making the pain bearable. You also don't have to wait for the wax to cool down enough if you're sensitive to heat. Some people do still prefer hot wax as hair is removed in bigger patches, which can be quicker if you are more tolerant to the pain. We've tried both and find the cold wax much more bearable.

The Pain

We're not going to lie. Waxing down there hurts. A LOT. Especially if it's your first time.

We however have some suggestions to help make the pain more bearable. The first time we did it, we took 2 tablets of 500mg Mefenamic Acid tablets (Ponstan SF for fast relief) an hour before waxing. You can also apply a topical anesthetic like Elica to the area 15-30mins before to help numb the pain a little - it won't completely numb the pain but it helps, especially if you get a hot wax. Also, don't be afraid to tell your waxer if you want to take a break or you're having a hard time tolerating the pain. It helps to take a deep breath just when they pull the waxing strip and exhale fully after.

The Aftermath

The salons usually give you a list of to dos and also a list of what NOT to do once you've just had a wax. The most basic ones are the following : don't wash after four hours, don't swim in a beach or pool for about two days after--> this is very important because with all the tugging and trauma done to your skin your pores will be wide open. Give it a few days if you don't want any dirt or bacteria or an infection to happen. You can also put soothing creams right after and everyday for a week after. There's also a chance that you have an ingrown - ask the salon for an exfoliating cream as this usually coaxes the ingrown hair out after a few days

Getting it done regularly

Once you've jumped the initial hurdle of actually getting one for the very first time, it’s best to do it regularly every 2 months or monthly depending on your hair growth. Trust us, it gets easier and less painful everytime - especially if you do it regularly as your hair grows out thinner and finer every wax session, making it much easier and thus less painful to remove. Nothing like the feeling of being well-groomed! ;)

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