Beach Feature : Badian

We are so ready to hit the beach this summer! We know it’s been a rainy and chilly past few days but we also know that the sun and heat are just hiding behind the clouds. Pretty soon, each day is going to be so hot and sweltering that a dip in the sea or pool is a MUST. We already came out with several summer themed posts like our favorite Bikinis and swimsuits, summer ready cocktails, favorite sunscreen and now, finally, we have our first beach post!

We’re doing a series of beach features throughout summer so make sure to come back here to check them out! What we’re going to feature are the beaches in Cebu Island. Why go any further when we already got some of the best beaches in the Philippines right? This post is all about our experiences when we visited Lambug Beach in Badian.

You are probably wondering where Badian is as it’s usually not as frequented by Cebuanos compared to other spots. Or maybe it is but we just don’t hear enough about it. Badian is roughly 2.5-3 hours away from Cebu City. It’s located in the southern part of Cebu island. As soon as you reach Carcar, take the road that has Barili on the way and just drive through several towns. Pass by the famous milk station of Barili for some fresh ice cream and cheese if you want! The drive to Badian was so scenic and pretty! It’s located just after Moalboal. Waze actually works there so you can activate it if you’re not sure of the way.

Once you reach the town right after Moaboal, you have to drive through a golf course to get to Lambug Beach. There are parking spots by the side of the beach that you can park in for the day for about fifty pesos. Once you get off your car, you come upon a glorious stretch of white sand and beautiful turquoise waters! The only problem you have to face is picking the perfect spot! We were only there for the day so we looked around for some tables and chairs. There are several dotted all over and you have to find out who own them as they charge a daily rental. Be prepared to haggle as we felt that some of them charged an absurd amount. If you don’t want to pay then just make sure to bring lots of “banig” or beach towels that you can lay out in the sand. Bring your own snacks and food too! Since Lambug Beach isn’t as developed as other beaches, there are only several sari-sari stores dotted all over the shore and there isn’t much choice.

It’s such a perfect beach to lounge and laze around in, the waters are calm and warm, the sand underneath the sea isn’t rocky and sharp and it’s just so amazing seeing the gorgeous scenery around. Clear waters, white sand, coconut trees swaying and an ice cold beer in hand. What more can you ask for in life?

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