3 Easy, Fun and Yummy Cocktails to Try Out This Summer

In continuation of all our summer related posts, we here at the seven thought we’d make a fun post on summer cocktails. We mixed up three easy drinks that are super simple to make and all taste just like summer. For those who don’t like or can’t drink alcohol – these drinks still taste really great as is – just take out the alcohol to make it virgin! Check out below for the recipes and instructions.

The 7 Breeze

I was researching on how to make a simple bay breeze one hot day. I had my girlfriends over for a pool day and decided to mix up my own using some ingredients that I just had at home and also basing it on the original bay breeze. This breeze has the following : Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice and a splash of sprite to add a little bit of fizz. It is so yummy and sweet and summery – you can’t even taste the vodka at all! So be careful drinking too much of this drink!

The San Vicente Sling

This drink was concocted when the same group of friends (can you guys tell we love our alcohol? haha) went out boating. We originally wanted to make a really classic Malibu pineapple drink but we could not find any Malibu rhum. So we made our own spin to it and called it “The San Vicente Sling” because we were actually boating around the San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, just off Mactan Island. This sling is made up of the following : Vodka, Pineapple juice, Coconut water and again a dash of sprite for the fizz. The pineapple and coconut together just tasted like the tropics and again you can’t even taste the vodka. It’s so good!

Clara con Limon

This is actually a classic Spanish drink. On one visit to Spain, my sisters explained that this was the perfect afternoon drink to have while sitting in an outdoor café to people watch. It’s really good and I feel like it’s absolutely perfect for this hot weather. It’s so easy to make with literally only two ingredients: Beer and Sprite. In Spain, it’s called the Clara con Limon because it is basically made up of a mixture of beer and Fanta Lemon. Since we don’t really have Fanta drinks here, we decided to make our own twist. We used Light Beer + Sprite plus a squeeze of lemon and that’s it! Even people who don’t like drinking beer will absolutely love this drink!

We hope you guys enjoy these drinks – remember to take alcohol in moderation and also to absolutely refrain from drinking and driving. Enjoy making – and especially drinking these yummy cocktails!

Thanks so much to our good friend Jacklyn from the Sunday Project who took all these fantastic photos. Check out her photography work HERE. Thanks also to our girlfriends who participated in the making of AND taste testing these drinks. You guys know who you are!

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