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7 Ways to Get Fit in Cebu

7 ways to get fit in cebu city

We know that sometimes it’s such a struggle to get out of bed each day and attempt to exercise – we know because we feel that way a lot of the times. We’ve actually already written a post dishing out some advice on how to actually start to exercise - because starting is one of the hardest things to do! But once you’ve started then it’s a little bit easier from there on. Now the problem will be on maintaining that energy and relish in wanting to exercise all the time. We think that one of the tricks is to find an exercise that you absolutely love. Something that you can stand doing almost every day. Or even doing diffferent kinds exercises so it doesn’t get boring each day. We’ve found that Cebu actually has quite a variety of these exercises in different establishments. Here are 7 ways to get your fit on in Cebu.

7 ways to get fit in cebu city

1.) Yoga

With 2 accessible branches and different classes all throughout the day, Yogahub is a good place to start or continue your yoga practice. They have Beginner's classes daily if you're just starting out and challenging classes like Power Yoga and their Upside Down Class if you want to further your yoga journey. They also have Deep Stretch classes for days that you just want to unwind and relax. With a good roster of teachers and clean & spacious studios, Yogahub has been building a community of yogis, which you would want to be part of.

Yogahub is located at the second floor of Banilad Town Center and at the second floor of Raintree Mall, F. Ramos. St. Contact Nos.: 032-268-YOGA and 0917-622-YOGA

2.)TRX Suspension Training

All Core All The Time is what welcomes you when you step in TRX Cebu, and isn't that what we're looking for in our exercises? We love how everyday the workout is different, using varied movements that are challenging and never boring. TRX Cebu has impressive equipment and even more impressive TRX qualified coaches to guide you through your work out. They also make sure to play music that pumps you up and gets you motivated to push yourself. They offer a free trial class so make sure you check this out!

TRX Cebu is located at the second floor of Alicia Apartelle (across Banilad Town Center)

3.) Spinning and Dancing