The7 Fashion: Travel Outfits for Different Destinations

We all know how much you all love to travel - we do too so we came up with seven travel outfit ideas to give you guys some inspiration the next time you jet off somewhere. We also know that not all vacations are the same - you could be off to a tropical paradise or to freezing temperatures so we came up with 7 different travel situations with an outfit idea each as a guide for you.

Travel Destination : The Beach Our country is surrounded with some the most gorgeous beaches and sea waters in the world so of course we put this destination at the top of the list. We've also given a bonus outfit idea since this is probably the most common type of vacation here.

Forever 21 Cardigan / Something Borrowed Shorts / Salt Swim Suit / Koi Swimwear Tote / Pink Tequila Hat / Rayban Sunglasses / Salt Water Sandals

Pink Tequila Hat / Sunnies Studios Sunglasses / Lazada Bag / Zalora Dress / Sala Chaussures Thongs / Wear Sundae Bikini / Peewee Benitez Cuff

Travel Destination : City Tours all Over the World Going to a capital in Europe like Paris or Madrid? Or maybe to an Asian capital like Bangkok or Taipei? We also gave two outfit ideas for this since exploring cities around the world is one of the best things to do!

Pink Tequila Hat / Mango Bag / Maldita Camisole / Mango Skirt / Forever 21 Top / CLN Flats

Aldo Sunglasses / Fujifilm Camera / Sesura Bag / Cole Vintage Bag / Sala Chaussures Shoes / Bershka Denim Jeans

Travel Destination : Desert A Middle Eastern vacation sounds so exotic and exciting and what girl who watches Sex and City doesn't want to recreate that Carrie Bradshaw moment in the desert? Wear this outfit when you go for a camel ride or to a decadent lunch in a Bedouin tent.

Sunnies Studios Sunglasses / Get Laud Scarf / Anthill Headscarf / Forever 21 Top / CLN Bag / Collezione Pants / Janilyn Boots

Travel Destination : Safari A visit to see animals calls for a simple yet fabulous outfit. Who says you can't look stylish while being comfortable and discreet? We say discreet because we read somewhere that you should never wear loud animal prints while on a safari because it might confuse the animals so keep it simple but still chic with this look.

Rayban Aviators / Zalora Top / Mango Jeans / Elenxs Hat / Adidas Sneakers

Travel Destination : Places of Worship There are so many places around the world where the must sees are the places of worship. Even if you don't practice some of these religions, these historic sites are definitely ones you don't want to miss! Think Temples in Bali, The Hagia Sofia in Turkey, Mosques in Uzbekistan and Monasteries in Greece. Take note that these places may have a dress code and that you may have to dress conservatively. Bring a big scarf that can double as a head cover and skirt in case you're made to cover up more.

Zalora Dress / Aframe Optics Sunglasses / Cole Vintage Bag / Chronomart Scarf / Velvet Sandals

Travel Destination : Places With Below Zero Temperatures Asides from keeping in mind that different climates mean a different skincare routine, we also have to keep in mind our winter wardrobe. Since we live in a tropical country, it might be hard to find appropriate clothing here that will keep us warm enough. Try checking for coats in online stores in the US and try to have it shipped here by Johnnny Air Cargo or ask relatives and friends to bring back all these heavy duty stuff. It is worth it, I swear. A good down jacket is what you really need plus layers from Uniqlo's Heat tech range. You can start with this basic set of pieces and just add in more layers or a scarf or a hat.

Land's End Coat / Blondo Boots/ Aldo Sunglasses / Uniqlo Heat Tech Turtleneck / Lazada Gloves / Uniqlo heat Tech Leggings

Lake Cruise In every new country or new town you visit, there's almost always going to be some river or lake. And there will always be some scenic cruise that you will take. (think Seine river cruise in Paris, Rhine river in Germany or a quick little boat ride around the Bhosphorous). Look extra chic in this type of activity as there will be a lot of pictures to be taken!

River Island Sunglasses / Sepa Earrings / Zalora Bag / Zalora Pants / Zalora Top / Zalora Loafers

What do you guys think of our outfit ideas? Are any of these type of travel destinations on your agenda this year?

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