What's In Store : Echo Store

Welcome to a new series in our site! “What’s in Store” will feature a particular store that we love in Cebu and show some of the products that we found. This will have a mini review on the stuff we got and basically just showing to you guys what’s in stores right now so that you will have a guide on what’s new, what’s nice, what’s hot or not! Hope you guys will enjoy this new series!

Our first feature is on Echo Store. You are probably thinking – “wait isn’t that a restaurant?”. Yes it is - a really good one that serves up healthy and organic food, but it is also a haven for those wanting to buy all organic and natural products. We keep going back to check their beauty products and so far, we’re loving all the ones we’ve got and actually tried out! Check out our favorites below:

Moringa Body Oil

If you don’t know what good body oils out there to use, then we definitely recommend this one! It’s natural and organic and so good for your skin! It smells really good and it does not give you that yucky sticky feeling on the skin and can be worn in our tropical climate. Apply right after showering to achieve that dewy and glistening look.

Theodore’s Bedroom Freshener in Lavender Scent

Lavender is known for giving you a calm and relaxing sleep and we were overjoyed to find this Lavender spray here. (It’s not that easy to find around the city!) Spray on your pillows and up in the air right before you sleep!

Coconut Wonder Coconut Shampoo

My usual experience with organic and natural shampoo usually leaves me disappointed because they do not lather as much and usually tangles up and dries up my hair. I was pleasantly surprised after discovering this one though! It lathers perfectly and makes my hair feel really soft!

Forest Magic Gugo Herbal Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

I was looking for an all-natural conditioner and the salesperson suggested I try this as this and the shampoo were constantly sold out. I decided to just try the shampoo too. I’ve only used it once since I bought it so I can’t really form too much opinions – but so far this feels pretty good. It lathers on okay (not as well as the coconut shampoo though) but still good enough. It smells like salon shampoo too. Gugo, which is a woody vine apparently has many good properties so I can’t wait to use this shampoo some more.

Forest Magic Herbal Hair Lotion

This product is supposed to lessen hair fall. You spray it on your scalp and massage. So far I’ve also only tried it once but it seems to be okay. I like that it’s all natural!

Echo Store is located at Streetscape Cebu, Paseo Saturnino, Banilad.

You may also check out their online store HERE.

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