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Sugbo Mercado SRP : Why You Should Check It out

SRP area is pretty much kind of really far for us – especially since we live in the northern part of the city. It’s always an excursion to get to that area because it’s not somewhere that we can just pass by on the way home. However one day, we decided to check out the version of Sugbo Mercado there and we really enjoyed it! Here are several reasons why we liked it.

One, and the best part I think, the grounds were cemented. This is such a relief especially with this tropical climate of ours with rain coming in at any time. Don’t you just hate it when the ground gets dirty and super mushy? It’s such a pleasant feeling to stroll around there.

Two, the ambiance was great! There were lighted up palm trees around, the whole area was just so clean and organized and there was even some live music. Even the eating area was very organized. The place did not feel overcrowded and congested. This location is a really good one! For some reason I kind of felt the same night market vibe I got from Taiwan - bustling but still organized and clean.

Three, the food was good! Although admittedly, there are not as many choices here as the other two other Sugbo Mercado locations (In IT Park and Ayala). There were still a lot of good food stalls though despite that. They also had some of the classic favorites from the other parks. We especially loved the emapanadas which featured such a good crust and different fillings inside like chili con carne, mushroom with bacon and cheese and mango and cheese (yes it sounds unusual but it was pretty good!) We also like the burgers - the wasabi burger was pretty noteworthy. The also had good crispy ngohiong, lechon Belly, Mongolian food cooked on the spot, ribs, Japanese food (there was a ramen bowl for less than a hundred bucks!), traditional "sugba-sugba", barbeque, puso and hotdogs. For some refreshment, they had stands with lemonades and really good pineapple juice.

Have you guys been to the Sugbo Mercado at SRP? Which stalls are your favorites? Hashtag #the7ph so we can check out your choices!

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