The Honest Henry x ANTHILL

We’re so honored to have our first invite as to the launching of The Honest Henry by Anthill Fabric Gallery. It was an intimate affair as we sat comfortably on the plush lounge chairs at The Henry enjoying bites and drinks from Rica’s Café. We listened to ANTHILL co-founder and Princess Ant Anya Lim and The Henry General Manager Joan Osabel as they shared the story behind the unique concept of “The Honest Henry Store”

ANTHILL Co-founder/Managing & Creative Director Anya Lim

and Henry Hotel General Manager Joan Osabel (L-R)

The Honest Henry was inspired by “the idea of a store built on trust that exemplifies integrity and authencity.” The Hotel wanted to put creative and efficient use of the spaces in their property. They successfully launched it in The Henry Hotel in Manila and now felt that Cebu was ready for this novelty and innovation. Joan Osabel shared that “As a lifestyle and creative boutique hotel, we work on continually introducing new and exciting things to our guests. We always want to keep it quirky so they do not only take souvenirs when they leave but also memorable experiences to share.

Drawing inspiration from The Honesty Coffee Shop in Batanes, The Honest Henry banks on the basic concept of honest purchasing. There are no salesladies or cashiers in the store, you just pick up what you want to buy and place the exact amount (or more if you wish) in the envelope and drop it in the payment slot – you just pay “honestly.”

The Honest Henry in Cebu recently opened this November, partnering with the Cebu-based and cultural enterprise ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/Training Hub for Indigenous/Ingenious Little Livelihood Seekers) Fabric Gallery. They chose ANTHILL because they did not just want another “souvenir store” or “gift shop” in their lobby; they wanted a lifestyle store that represents Philippines culture and talent in a more innovative, appealing and engaging way.

ANTHILL agreed to the unique concept because “ANTHILL loves innovations and so as risky as it may sound to leave our valuable weaves and inventory unattended, we were more excited to the surprises The Honest Henry store will give us” as Anya Lim shares.

After more than one month since its soft launch, The Honest Henry Cebu x ANTHILL has proven to be a platform of honesty and creative encounters. Princess Ant Anya happily share that there are “no reports of losses so far, only increasing sales and a lot of market leads for potential business opportunities

After the intimate sharing and the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon (which was made of ANTHILL weaves), we were treated to the gorgeous displays at the store. We’ve been long fans of the Panyo skirt with the pretty prints and the luggage tags were too pretty not to pick up! We’re excited to #wearyourtribewithpride ! The Honest Henry by Anthill Fabric Gallery is locked in to be at The Henry Hotel lobby for 2 years, so you have plenty of time to check it out yourself and experience the store and this hotel in Cebu #likenoother

Princess Ant Anya Lim with her weave wearers,

(L-R) Maan Briones-Ting, Jen Martinez and Charina Tan,

with Henry GM Joan Osabel

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