Food Map in Cebu : 7 Restaurants to Try Out in AS Fortuna

Our first food map was all about Paseo Saturnino. This time, we're here to plot out some really good places to chow down in AS Fortuna Street. AS Fortuna is a pretty long street and there are quite a few places to eat here so we decided to just narrow it down to the side that is nearer to Banilad. Check out our 7 suggested restaurants in AS Fortuna below!


{Fudge location grabbed from Google Maps}

Fudge is known for their desserts and other sweet treats but they actually have really good comfort food. They have a good variety of dishes from pastas to sandwiches to rice meals and all day breakfast options. There are also unique dishes like Adobo Ravioli and Aligue Rice with Sardines. Their meals are all pretty affordable too. There is even a pasta sale every day from 2-5pm. selected pastas are 50 percent off during these times.

Taitong Steamer Foods

{Taitong Steamer Foods location grabbed from Google Maps}

This place is tucked away and is almost always missed. They have a loyal following though and have actually been around for quite a long time. They serve up some really good Chinese cuisine and dim sum. They have so much in their menu like dumplings, rolls and etc. to rice meals and toppings. You must also definitely try their fried siopao buns – they are the best!

Ramen Yushoken

{Ramen Yushoken location grabbed from Google Maps}

This is definitely one of our favorite ramen places in town! The ramen broth is rich and creamy and absolutely delicious. Their chasu pork-that’s usually topped in the basic ramen order of Shio or Shoyu - is not the usual one that’s served in every other ramen place. Rather, it is a pork belly cut that’s char-grilled to perfection. They have other ramen options too like Tantanmen and miso ramen. There are also cold ramen options and chicken karaage and chahan (fried rice) for those who do not feel up to eating hot soup.


{Beqaa location grabbed from Google Maps}

A Lebanese themed restaurant filled with some of the most delicious dishes in town. Our favorites include hummus, baba Ghanoush ,kebabs, chicken masala, lamb stew and koftas. They have such pretty interiors too. It’s a great place to have a stylish dinner out with the girls for a dinner date!


{Tavolata location grabbed from Google Maps}

This place has some of the chicest interiors in town. Just like Beqaa, it is run by the Abaca Group – their restaurants really have some of the best interiors and food in town! Their menu consists of yummy Italian favorites like truffle pasta and pizzas. They also have good cocktails that you can drink with your hearty meal.

Luca's Test Kitchen

{Luca's Test Kitchen location grabbed from Google Maps}

Located at the rooftop of 856 Gallery – this place overlooks some parts of Cebu and would be a perfect date place. They have some really good comfort food dishes in their menu like Cannelloni and Bagnet.

Hamakaze Ramen

{Hamakaze Ramen location grabbed from Google Maps}

This place is another one of those hole in the walls. Inside looks like a traditional Japanese Ramen bar. There are tables and chairs that cover half of the room and also a long counter where you slurp their yummy bowls of ramen. Their broth is made from chicken so it’s not as rich as other ramen places. The taste though isn’t compromised despite the lighter broth, it was still really delicious. They have many other items in their menu too like octopus, karaage and fried rice.

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