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The 7 Feature : Tipsy Pops

The 7 feature on Tipsy Pops : alcoholic pops in Cebu City

Cebu is really getting to be so much more exciting with many interesting new brands and concepts popping up everywhere. One of these concepts that we especially love is Tipsy Pops – a fun adult twist to a childhood classic. It is a grownup version of the Popsicle that has the flavors of iconic cocktails, made with premium alcohol, fresh fruits and natural ingredients. The Popsicles are also paired with refreshing slush with the yummiest tropical flavors.

The 7 feature on Tipsy Pops : alcoholic pops in Cebu City

Tipsy Pops was born in March 2015 when a group of friends who loved alcohol (and getting tipsy!) got together and decided it was a great idea. They realized that there wasn’t really a concept like it in Cebu. These four friends were Clarence ( in charge of Research & Development, Operations and Business Development), Talia Diago (Business Development and Operations), Bea Osmeña (Finance and Research&Development) and Sheryl Desquitado (Social Media Manager and Data Analyst). All four spent months developing and testing the product, and well getting tipsy while they were at it. Sounds like fun right? That is the very essence of Tipsy Pops - it is a fun and lickable delight!

The 7 feature on Tipsy Pops : alcoholic pops in Cebu City

Tipsy Pops is the perfect answer for hot days or the alcohol lover in you. This is definitely the best alcoholic pops concept in Cebu City. Find out more about these alcoholic pops below.

The 7 feature on Tipsy Pops : alcoholic pops in Cebu City

7 Questions With Tipsy Pops:

1.) How did you guys come up with the idea for Tipsy Pops?

It was one of those "Hey, why don't we..." moments that started with Talia getting the group together. It turned out to be a spontaneous success.

2.) Why did you guys decide on this concept?

It's pretty unique and it appealed to our desire to want to introduce something of novelty. Plus, who doesn't want a frozen alcoholic treat in a tropical country?

3.) Describe your different flavors, your personal favorites and best sellers.

Tropical Tequila Sunrise

This tequila infused boozy pop with layers of orange juice and grenadine is delicious on a hot day.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Contrary to popular belief, you can freeze vodka—as long as you use the right ratio of alcohol and juice. This Tipsy Pops® cocktail has the perfect proportions.


Quintessential Cebu Mango flavored cocktail with a buzz.

Kalamansi Margarita

Time and again Tequila has proven it pairs well with lemon. This time Agave is teamed with Kalamansi made for tropical Philippine summer.

Pina Colada

This recipe takes the Greyhound, a classic pairing of grapefruit and vodka, and kicks it up a notch with fresh strawberries. It’s a little tart, a little sweet and whole lot of fun.


Sea Breeze

The most refreshing blend of lime, cucumbers and citrus infused tequila. Do you hear the sea already?

Bloody Sunset

The sweet temptation of strawberries with lemon undertones and citrus infused Vodka. The perfect day ender


Light and tangy. This unassuming flavor leaves quite a refreshing feel of lime infused liquor enveloped in fresh lime notes that’s sure to hit the spot.

4.) What are your inspirations when creating new flavors?

We take into consideration flavors and textures. We also take to heart the incriminating taste of our client. Would they enjoy this certain taste? We also prioritize local produce and try to infuse zests that suit the motherhood palate.

5.) What is the Tipsy Pops Experience? Please describe in a nutshell.

Tipsy Pops provides a fun avenue to break out of the norms, to enjoy what life continuously brings our way through one’s ability to savor innovation at its finest. Your drinking buddies over here at Tipsy Pops take to heart that we should only drink to good memories and celebrations. With every flavor that we offer, we hope to invoke a familiar feeling that’s reminiscent of good times, camaraderie and vibrancy. Enjoy life and don’t forget to lick moderately!

6.) What were the highlights so far since launching your brand?

Featured in a one page article in Sunstar. We've also had successful private events that ranged from birthday parties, beach gatherings and bridal showers.

7.) What are your future plans for Tipsy Pops?

Boracay, baby!

Tipsy Pops is definitely one of the most exciting concepts we’ve seen lately. It’s the perfect way to cool down in our scorching temperatures. You may even contact them for private parties and events. Who wouldn’t want to have these refreshing pops for a pool party or a beach shindig right? Just be sure to Lick Moderately!

Find them at the following locations:

Sugbo Mercado stall - Garden Bloc, IT Park

(5pm -1am, Thursday - Saturday)

Sugbo Mercado stall - Cebu Business Park behind CIC (3pm - 12am, Friday - Sunday)

- currently closed but we'll be back starting January

Axis @ Vibo Place (4pm -10 pm, Friday - Sunday)

Price Points:

90 php for pop + slush

75 php for pop

You can check out their brochure HERE.

Follow them on Instagram : @tipsy_pops

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